Cleoptra Slots – where to play online

Cleoptra Slot machines are available in more and more pubs and casinos, and more players grow fun of this game. But what if you are not interested in giving a run to the corner street pub to play this game? Well the alternative is playing Cleopatra slots at top online casinos, from the comfort of your home or even from the office (make sure your boss will not see that 😉 ).

There are several online casinos that feature the Cleopatra slots game with amazing bonus rounds and progressive jackpots to be won. register with any of the following casinos to meet with your favorite Cleopatra slots among many other entertaining slot machine: Party Casino – the world’s larges online casino, Virgin Casino – one of UK’s top casinos. Enjoy!

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Learn to play Craps – video tutorial

Craps is a table game that you will sure find in any respectable casino. It is the game with the most players and probably easily the most loud game in a casino. But how do you play craps, cause many casino clients have no idea what they have to do there, how to bet and so on. Craps is maybe one of the most difficult games to catch on, but once you know to play it you will not get enough of it.

Here is below a video tutorial to get you started with playing craps in a casino (land casino or online casino). Once you have watched the tutorial and you want to start practicing, we recommend using bonuses from online casinos.

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21 Blackjack – strategies

Blackjack is a game of cards, a game that at first look it has house advantage, but with several strategies applied you can win some good money. First we suggest you watch the movie 21 (video trailer below), based on a true story that will prove the success of some strategies we are going to point you to. The movie is about a group of teens lead by a professor to the mighty Las Vegas, where they success in clearing up the blackjack tables. Doable? yes!

Once you have watched the movies, it’s time to learn the strategies to apply. First of all, you need to know the blackjack basic strategy, a card that will show you the best time to hit, stand, or split and double. This basic card will decrease the blackjack house advantage nearly to 0% for single deck game, and between 0-1% to multi-deck tables.

Second, the focus of the movie 21, the card counting strategy. In the table you will see several variations of card counting. We suggest you start with the Hi-Lo one and practice it hard before trying to apply it in a real casino. Afterall, we don’t want you to get caught doing that and get banned in the casino!

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Learn how to scam the roulette game

The roulette games is one of the most famous casino games and it enjoys a huge popularity among players of all kinds. The game is simple, and this can be reason of its huge popularity, yet we must remember roulette is a game of chance.

So how do some people get to win the roulette over and over again? In the next video we will show you a few methods used by experts in real casinos to win at the roulette game. They make use of very simple tactics, hidden chips and the buzz from around the roulette table. Please note the techniques and remember this is just a video tutorial. Should you try to apply these strategies in a real casino on your own, you do so on your own responsibility.

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Roulette Strategy – Martingale system + mathematical probabilities

Playing the roulette can be a good place to win some good money as long as we don’t become too greedy and we follow some simple steps that make up the winning strategy. Sure you know about the Martingale system and how to apply it in your gambling, and surely you already know its limitations – it can bust your capital very fast.

Now you can avoid that from happening by following a simple stand-by rule that improves your winning chances based on real mathematical probabilities. Watch below video (roulette strategy) and visit Winning Roulette Strategy website for full details and a list of online casinos where you can apply this strategy successfully (for example Noble Casino).

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